Mediation Procedure

The CentralNic dispute resolution policy provides the parties involved in a dispute the opportunity to reach a solution in a manner that is cost effective and fast.

The process is free and informal but it is the compulsory first step to solving a dispute. A dispute will only be referred to the National Arbitration Forum if a mediated resolution is not possible.

To invoke the dispute resolution service the complainant should submit (in writing) their complaint to CentralNic Ltd. Once the complaint is received CentralNic Ltd will contact the registrant of the disputed domain. The complaint submitted by the complainant will be passed to the registrant who will then have the opportunity to respond in writing to CentralNic Ltd with evidence invalidating the complaint. The complainant will then be given an opportunity to file a reply to the registrants' response.

The mediation process will subsequently commence and experienced staff from CentralNic Ltd will conduct the mediation as the neutral third party. They will speak with both parties to discuss ways to attain a solution to the dispute.

At the instigation of mediation CentralNic will lock the domain name(s) so that it/they cannot be transferred, cancelled or otherwise changed during the process.

Mediation can last up to 10 days. If mediation is not successful and the complainant wishes to proceed with the complaint the case will be referred to the National Arbitration Forum for a written decision by an expert panellist. At this stage the complainant will be asked to pay the costs for the services of National Arbitration Forum (see prices).