CentralNic Dispute Resolution Service

CentralNic has developed a Dispute Resolution Policy that facilitates the resolution of disputes between trademark holders and registrants of CentralNic domain names in cooperation with the National Arbitration Forum ("Forum"). For all disputes the service includes free mediation by CentralNic to assist the settling of disputes in a professional and efficient manner. Unresolved matters are referred to the Forum in a manner similar to the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). In addition, the Forum will accept claims under the Uniform Rapid Suspension System.

If you wish to make, or are the subject of, a complaint, you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the documents in the section of our website. The documents in this section will provide you with any information you may require during the process.

Requests for mediation should be sent via email to info@centralnic.com.

You should also consult our Terms and Conditions For The Provision Of A Domain Name Service.

CDRP applies to the following CentralNic Registry SLDs

  • .AE.ORG
  • .BR.COM
  • .CN.COM
  • .COM.DE
  • .COM.SE
  • .DE.COM
  • .EU.COM
  • .GB.NET
  • .GR.COM
  • .HU.NET
  • .JP.NET
  • .JPN.COM
  • .MEX.COM
  • .RU.COM
  • .SA.COM
  • .SE.NET
  • .UK.COM
  • .UK.NET
  • .US.COM
  • .US.ORG


The following documents have been provided by National Arbitration Forum to assist complainants in submitting complaints for consideration:

Additional Information

Pages in Dispute Resolution: