Services for Country Code Top Level Domains

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Services for Country Code Top Level Domains

A Country-Code Top-Level Domain provides a fantastic opportunity to present a nation's online power and presence on a global digital stage. It is the natural focal point for citizens and businesses to engage in the development of a national online infrastructure and digital economy.

Some of the ccTLDs CentralNic works with:
  • .AM
  • .BH
  • .CX
  • .FM
  • .FO
  • .GD
  • .GL
  • .LA
  • .MY
  • .PW
  • .SA
  • .SK
  • .VG

CentralNic Registry is proud to work with an enviable group of forward-thinking countries, which are developing and promoting their own 'national brand', both regionally and internationally.

For over a decade, CentralNic’s in-house ccTLD experts have worked collaboratively with governments and ccTLD managers to create long-term, viable business strategies, that actively promote and grow their ccTLDs.

CentralNic’s experts attend and contribute to regional forums, discussions and technical events. CentralNic is always informed of all developments in the ccTLD arena and represents the interests of its registry customers to provide the best advice on all ccTLD developments.

CentralNic’s ccTLD customers benefit from access to:

  • A global registrar distribution channel
  • Increased domain registration numbers and value add services
  • Greater regional recognition through proven growth strategies
  • The latest registry technology on the CentralNic Registry platform
  • CentralNic's world-renowned, stable and secure Anycast DNS platform

CentralNic’s specialist services offered to ccTLDs:

  • Backend Registry Operations (BERO)
  • DNS
  • Policy
  • Abuse Management
  • Premium names
  • Registrar liaison
  • Sales promotions
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Billing

Additional specialist services:

Policy, RRA and Abuse Management
  • Policy review, update or creation
    • RRA
    • Registration Policies
    • Reserved Names Policies
    • Launch Plan (including EAP)
    • Sunrise Policies
    • Limited Registration Periods
    • Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policies
    • IP Claims Period
    • Dispute Policies and Sunrise Dispute Policies
    • Privacy Policies
    • Whois Access Policy
    • Data Protection
  • Representation with relevant policy setting entities
  • Abuse management
    • Management of abuse email box and query handling
    • Assessment and action on abuse reports
    • Liaison with relevant authorities
Premium Names
  • Premium domain name list creation
    • Experienced in-house team
    • TLD specific tailored list
    • Multi-lingual
    • Multi-character sets
  • Premium name price setting
  • Premium name sales activation via EPP
  • Domain warehousing
  • Management of Broker network
  • Aftermarket premium names solutions
    • Via EPP
    • Buy-it-now
    • Make offer
    • Auction
  • Flagship store – point of sale web store

Sales resources
  • Broadest registrar network
    • 1500+ registrars
    • 100,000+ resellers
    • In-group registrar network
  • Sales force across Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America
  • Registrar console and newsletters
  • Booths at all industry events
  • CentralNic-owned network of registrars:
    • Instra
    • OnlyDomains
    • EuropeRegistry
    • AsiaRegistry
    • AmericaRegistry
    • AsiaRegistry
    • Moniker
    • iwantmyname
Sales Services
  • Obtaining RRA signing – Increasing size of distribution network
  • Registrar onboarding - pitch kit creation and pitching
  • Customised sales incentives and promo programmes
  • Registrar communications via email, phone, face-to-face meetings
  • Account management
    • Daily account management contact via email, phone and face-to-face with all accredited registrars

  • CentralNic:
    • creates marketing materials for registrars to use with end customers
    • has vast experience supporting registries and registrars in building consumer demand for domains via PR and marketing
    • marketing works in multiple languages
    • marketing staff has both Registry and Registrar marketing experience, online and offline
Marketing Services
  • PR and Media coverage
  • Industry events, shows and conferences
  • Print materials and direct mail campaigns
  • Banners
  • Newsletters
  • Animations
  • Emails and Email templates
  • Web pages and landing page templates
  • Datasheets and brochures
  • Websites

Consultancy and Expert Support

CentralNic has undertaken Benchmarking and Feasibility Studies to assist ccTLD clients for revisions to regulations and develop new policies to globalisation programs or simply work with ccTLD operators to revise their regulations to international best practice standards.

Interested in applying for a Fast Track IDN for your native script? CentralNic can assist with applications and development.

Looking to increase registrars internationally or develop a local registrar distribution in country? CentralNic can run workshops and technical training and solutions.

Technical Solutions

CentralNic Registry has proudly provided 100% DNS service uptime to all of its registry customers. Whether the need is for a dedicated in-country solution, a fully outsourced or a hybrid mix, CentralNic has the right infrastructure needed to power your ccTLD.

1. CentralNic Shared Registry Service Platform

CentralNic distinguishes itself from its competition by embracing openness and transparency in its relationships with Registry Partners. The "standard" service package alone provides a level of access that goes above and beyond anything offered by any other backend provider.

CentralNic’s registry platform is among the world’s largest shared registry platforms, capable of supporting hundreds of top-level domains and tens of millions of second-level domains, while still maintaining high-performance, stability and resilience.

2. Hybrid and Bespoke Solutions

CentralNic offers bespoke solutions to fit the unique regulatory and policy requirements of countries. CentralNic Services includes a unique 'hybrid solution' which combines the benefits of both the shared and dedicated in-country solutions, by hosting some critical registry service elements on infrastructure in-country, while keeping the SRS on CentralNic’s shared platform. In addition CentralNic offers bespoke services to complement existing infrastructure or using CentralNic's SRS but maintaining many administrative functions with the ccTLD Manager.

3. In-Country Solution

The same software powering CentralNic’s shared platform can be used to provide a seamless transition to a dedicated platform hosted in-country, as it can be installed and run on any Unix or Unix-like operating system. CentralNic has experience of performing registry transitions of exactly this kind.

A hybrid solution combines the benefits of both the shared and dedicated in-country solutions, by hosting some critical registry service elements on infrastructure in-country, while keeping the SRS on CentralNic’s shared platform.

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