Advanced, Flexible and Robust

CentralNic's registry system ranks among the industry's foremost, boasting a perfect track record of security and stability over the past twenty-eight years. Its platform is flexible, scalable, real-world proven and above ICANN specification for gTLDs.

Developed by CentralNic's in-house team, the platform continues to evolve ahead of the market and regulatory environment so as to maintain its outstanding performance, capacity and feature set.

Currently providing registry services for over 125 domain extensions, the platform operates at a fraction of its capacity, having been equipped over recent years to manage hundreds of TLDs. Additionally, the system is fully-IDN enabled and leads the industry in DNSSEC deployment.

Modularised, optimised and stable, it uses the most trusted and reliable technologies - enabling it to handle billions of DNS queries and hundreds of thousands of registry transactions every day.

CentralNic works closely with the industry's leading connectivity and hosting providers to ensure high levels of service for both DNS and registrar interfaces. Additionally, the system operates from locations all over the world, boasting an infrastructure so robust that DNS availability is guaranteed even in the event of simultaneous cataclysmic natural disasters on three continents.

Key Registry Features:

  • Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) - the standard protocol for registry-registar communications
  • Industry-leading registrar account management tools
  • Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) support with hundreds of languages and scripts supported
  • DNSSEC support

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