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Services to power generic Top Level Domains

CentralNic is truly a leader in gTLD registry operations. Its gTLD customers appreciate CentralNic’s openness, transparency and impartial expertise. CentralNic’s primary service package provides a level of access and support that goes above and beyond anything offered by other backend providers. This is part of the reason why CentralNic is the number 1 provider of registry services to gTLDs.

Some of the gTLDs CentralNic works with:

CentralNic’s gTLD services include:

  • Business case preparation – ensuring appropriate internal stakeholder support is vital to the longevity of any business venture. CentralNic will help you justify the business investment, understand the ROI and provide long-term operational and strategic guidance
  • End-to-end ICANN application support – CentralNic’s team were responsible for the success of over 250 applications during the first application round
  • Marketing and distribution – competing in a world of over 1,000 other top-level domains requires an understanding of the market and how to ‘stand-out’ from the crowd
  • Policy development – ICANN compliance and assistance to develop bespoke policies and launch planning for TLDs serving business sectors, community or other market verticals

All CentralNic registry partners benefit from::

  • Access to CentralNic’s network of over 1,500 registrars. CentralNic is integrated with and actively selling through more ICANN-accredited registrars than any other backend provider
  • A state of the art technical backend and domain management interface
  • Instant registrar access to your TLD thanks to CentralNic's integrated RRA management and e-signing system
  • Dedicated client service personnel with industry experience
  • Policy and compliance support, including day-to-day admin such as CZDS management, URS case management, and monthly ICANN reports
  • Sales, marketing and premium domain support
  • Billing and cash collection (access to CentralNic's registrar shared wallet system)
  • Abuse management support ensuring your domain’s reputation and trustworthiness
  • Industry exclusive registry features such as Registry API, SRS Firehose and real-time DNS analytics.

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