Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

We are excited to announce that our Registry DNS Analytics Dashboard has been launched!

Our new tool will enable our registry partners to access detailed and advanced insight into real-time DNS traffic. It will provide deep and actionable data for faster and better decision-making and reduced risk.

How we came to create the CentralNic Registry DNS Analytics Dashboard

The most important part of our operations at CentralNic Registry is our authoritative DNS service: it keeps all the of the domain names registered in our database up and running. It also means that our DNS system needs to be working 24x7x365, without even a second of downtime, ever!

Happily, we've sustained 100% uptime over more than two decades. It's not an easy feat and requires significant investment and effort to develop and maintain a DNS platform that can support hundreds of top-level domains. We've invested a lot of time and effort into building and maintaining our DNS infrastructure so that it could expand and grow in line with the growth of the TLDs that run on our registry.

We use a wide spectrum of tools that monitor our DNS system and provide us with insights into every aspect. Some of the tools we use have been purposely developed internally by our engineering teams: either because our requirements are too specialised for an off-the-shelf solution, or because existing solutions can't scale to the size of our infrastructure.

Over time, the number of domains on our platform has grown, and with that, the volume of query traffic. Our existing system was no longer a feasible solution for DNS analytics. We decided to retire our old system and build our own DNS analytics platform.

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The Registry DNS Analytics Dashboard has now been released for wider use. It is available to current users of our DNS services, including our RSP customers. Additionally, we are able to provide the Dashboard to anyone we supply secondary DNS services to and who isn't able to obtain this level of information from their current DNS provider.

Find out more about our DNS services here, and download our whitepaper. If you would like to see more, contact us to schedule a walk-through of the platform.

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