Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

On Thursday, June 3rd, 3pm BST, you're invited to join our in-house experts, Gavin and Kelly, for a special webinar in association with Andy Bates from the Global Cyber Alliance.

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What is DomainTrust?

DomainTrust is an intelligence platform that provides registries and registrars with high quality, large-scale sets of data on suspected malicious and criminal domains being used in phishing attempts, malware distribution, and command and control (C2) activities. This data provides intelligence upon which they can take further action: investigation, suspension, or disablement.

Why now?

In recent years, the data set in the Whois database has been reduced due to GDPR. This has intensified the need to find a mechanism for reporting a domain owner's evidence of criminal activity within their domain space. With DomainTrust, GCA aims to give registries a high quality, large-scale set of data upon which they can take action.

There has recently been a gathering interest within the registry community to clean up the Internet - to identify and deal with malicious domains.

Why join?

Join our webinar on 3rd June to find out more about how you can utilise the DomainTrust's tools to make a measurable impact in the reduction of cyber risk.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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